Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas DIY!

This christmas I tried something new! A recycled DIY! I used house hold items and old craft paper, re using, recycling - up cycling! I created my very own holiday christmas present cards with only things in my bag of tricks! ( a craft bag I bring when I babysit!)

In my craft bag I have the essentials, construction paper, fancier pattern craft paper for scrap books, scrap book stickers, glue, glitter sticks and glues, jewels, pencil crayons, you name the art supply and it is in this bag! I additionally needed an old newspaper - recycling!!! I used my craft scissors plus these other supplies  to cut up the tags....

Once I had them all cut I assembled them....

Once assembled I added more layers of different papers for a nicer effect and added glitter and old ribbon to create bows and give it a cute look! I then wrote everyones names as per the gift!
Once I finished my tags I proceeded to make more tags as name plates for my dining table for christmas lunch that was held at my house!

As you can see I used an old cream coloured damask table cloth - my colours were gold, green, and cream, with a hint of red! I used a green damask printed napkin to pick up on the pattern from the table cloth, and you can see the silver ware inside the rolled napkin which is tied with a green bow that holds the name tag on! The tags are similar to the gift tags as to keep the theme consistent!

The centre piece idea is a spin on something I saw! I used jars that I found in my cupboard and filled them with different levels of water and added cranberries! I wanted to use white cranberries and throw in a few blueberries but I figured that the red was festive and added a pop of colour!

I arranged the centre piece in two ways in a line down the table or bunched up, both were cute - we do a buffet style for christmas so that and drinks are the only thing on the table - the less clutter the better! I also reused my jars of cinnamon scented pine cones from thanksgiving. I rolled the pine cones in white liquid glue and then gold glitter - it added a bit of sparkle to christmas and reused an old centre piece as a new one for the dessert table!

Hopefully you all enjoyed my DIY and will try it next year as it was successful and stylish! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a great new year to come!

Talk to you Soon - Decor Guru

Saturday, December 3, 2011

All That is Gold!

This thanksgiving I decided to go all out with the table decor - as the decor guru it is my responsibility to! (side note - decor guru, thoughts - i threw it out there last post, i have been thinking of a sign off name for the blog here , you all know my twitter is chic innovative which is what my blog is but i feel like i need an actual sign off... thoughts)
My colour palette - brown, gold and green!

I started with a centre piece idea - different types of jars, sizes and shapes to create an eclectic but chic look, then i filled them with scented pine cones. The pine cones represent the fall season, and can be used for christmas decor by painting the tips white to look like snow or adding glitter to the tips to look like snow. I then brought in the brown as the table cloth colour as well, having a big family with lots of kids means a huge mess so lighter colours aren't always the best idea! I then went with a gold charger plate and used thick green ribbon to tie together the party favour- plate decor. I baked thirty dozen cookies for table decor and dessert! I stacked 3 cookies and tied them together with a ribbon and attached a tag with each guest name! the flavours - cinnamon shortbread, cranberry shortbread, and chocolate shortbread with smarties - gotta have a kids dessert! Hopefully you all think it's nice - christmas soon to come!!!! (photography via me and my lovely mother)

Talk to you Soon - Decor Guru


I thought I would go in a different direction today and post an inspirational image of an interior from style at home magazine! Although it is short it is sweet and to the point, a sort of inspirational journal entry about different pieces that can add more to the space - inspired by this space to create a similar one! Enjoy!

Image via

Why I love it?

The wall treatment, mirrored side table (love shiny reflective surfaces), wonderful linen chaise! It is definitely partially my style, i don't know if i would be able to live with pink walls though!

What I could Switch Up!

The gorgeous gold side table would look great with this light fixture ... although the tone of the side table would have to be adjusted a bit! but otherwise i think it looks great with the interior! The chandelier looks gorgeous but this pendant would look awesome!

Image Via Royal Lighting

It would look awesome in this space, or another side table could be used ... with a different lacquered gloss finish top - like an olive green, it would go feel with the off white grey tone linen chaise and pink is similar to red who's complimentary colour is green! It would look wonderful with the plum cushion, maybe a muted turquoise accent as well!

Image Via George Furniture

We can definitely see that this room is inspiring and as designers or decor guru's we can switch up different elements and put our own twist on a space and make it our own, we can find inspiration in others and give credit to others for inspiration they have provided! Today I took a look at an image from style at home magazine for inspiration, it is a gorgeous interior and I found gorgeous items that went well with the space!
The use of gold is chic as it is currently in style and make a sort of come back! We can see that the space was previously gorgeous but with these few changes the space is more my style which is exactly what it should be since it is in my style journal!

Talk to you Soon - your Decor Guru! xoxo

stay tuned for another style journal entry of inspiration - have an interior that you want me to switch up email it in! @

Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEW YORK, concrete jungle where dreams are made...

If you couldn't figure it from the lovely title above I am sure you can now I am going to NY!!

Image Via Google

Thank you Jay Z for the title by the way and thank you humber college for the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime! I am departing by bus unfortunately on october 20th, yes that is next thursday! it is a four day trip and three nights! We are bussing it! A few stops along the way will be the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, Vincente Wolf's studio/showroom and we will be meeting him face to face in person! (If we were not going to I was going to try to meet him in Punta Cana, I will be vacationing there just after new years for a week and just an hour away from my hotel is a school he teaches a lecture at annually! luckily i do not have to brave the hour long taxi ride while in paradise!) And that is all I know right now I will be getting the itinerary next week at the beginning of the week, of course once I return I will post all the details and pictures! Of course there will be a project involved since it is a school event, we have to find a breath taking window display, a funky chair, the hottest trend, and something else too! We have to document all of this with photographs, sketches, written work, etc... I cannot wait as we also have shopping time - lots of it, and free nights to hit the town!

Image Via

Possibly have a drink with Beyonce and Jay Z! You never know who you will run into into the .... 

Concrete Jungle 
Where Dreams 
Are Made!

stay tuned for more on NY!!!!!!

 Bye for Now, xoxo

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Own Magazine Article

As many of you are aware I am currently an interior decorating student, this is my final year in the program as I am graduating in the spring. Although it seems a lifetime away it is only quite a few short months away that will surely fly by as the beginning of my program has. With this there have been many teachers who have been a great help, and fellow students that have as well. I have completed many many many projects and added to my portfolio. In turn I would like to share with you all the latest project I am working on and my favourite. It happens to be my favourite because it is what I want to do when I graduate, work in magazine (or television)!! The latest project is creating a 2 page spread magazine article, and I figured I would post it below for all of you to take a look! Feel free to comment and critique as it is still in the works and due next week! ENJOY!!!

This is page 1 of the spread page 2 is below!!!

this is page 2, it is missing its before and after shots and the floor plan seen has to be edited, and my picture has to be changed- not professional enough for this project! Hope you enjoy and please leave comments, and suggestions - it would really help! Stay tuned for the finished product, and a look at the rest of my portfolio!!!

Bye for Now,

ps... any suggestions for a better sign off???

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Para Para Paradise

The title of this post is a very interesting one that will lead me perfectly into my topic of choose. To begin Para Para Paradise is actually the name of a video series of dancers doing the Para Para, a dance obviously! I choose this title because this post is in regards to PARA PAINTS!!! The relation to this dance, a - it has para in it, para paints and b - the word paradise represents the colours they offer very well.

 Image Via and Para Paints

To touch on para's history here is just a taste...
- founded in 1915 by the wilson brothers
- it was a family company that was and is presently today canadian
- in 1955 they moved to Rexdale
- they received a new building in the 80's - 1990 - brampton building
- in the 90's they went nation wide
- the company bounced from owner to owner throughout the years but maintained its identity and integrity
- in 2010 para launched a paint line with sarah richardson

Images Via

This basically sums up some of the more important points about para but they additionally...

- have an easy to read label and eco friendly products!!!

Image Via

Para has been featured by ...

House and Home Magazine - Style at Home Magazine - Home and Country - HGTV - Jo Alcorns up and coming tv series - and many more places!!!

They are also recognized by the LEED association, MPI , master painters
There product offers.....
-good coverage
-zero VOC's (or 99.9%)
-fast dry
-low odour
-water base
-and is available in many finishes.. eggshell, matte, semi gloss, gloss

With all of these positive factors this makes Para the best paint company out there. They have several paint lines such as; Essence which was released in 2011 and has zero VOC's, ultra which is a self primer and has the best coverage many paint from any company can offer. These are just a few, ultra is the highest product in there line of paints, it is a bit more expensive but is worth every penny if not more. Ultra also has great coverage and does not require you to prime the walls or surface prior to painting making it cheaper in this sense. Additonally Design line III one of the most popular paint lines Para carries is returning shortly!!! Not only do they offer great paint lines but they also offer SAMPLE OF STYLE this is made for designers and their indecisive clients! It is about 50$ and you can paint about half a wall to get a sense of the colour, additionally you receive a coupon for the gallon. This is a very helpful tool for designers and a good way to sample and reassure an indecisive client.

Image Via

We can officially conclude that Para is the one of the best if not the best paint line available! They offer a wide range of finishes and there quality is better than ever, they care about the environment and take it into consideration when dealing with creating there paints, Para paints is a company that has kept its integrity and quality over the many years it has been in business.

If you like what you've heard about Para Paints feel free to visit them at .
If you were interested in Sarah Richardsons new paint line with Para visit for the down low on the night of the para paints and sarah richardson paint line release party.

Bye For Now,


Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Polyvore w/ Love...

As you can see below I have created a set on Polyvore is a site where you can buy products and also create sets, for instance many people create fashion sets- in these sets they create a look or re create a look of a celebrity. The set I created is the refinishing of a chair inspired by a photo. Int he photo there are many colours going on, once I found this chair I knew it was the one because of its navy and off white stripe that matched the colours of the photo. With this I decided the best way to spice it up and further incorporate the photo would be to paint the structure of the chair a yellow or orange-red. Unfortunatley I could not find any pictures as examples but i did find this...

Image Via

This picture gives you the idea of where I am headed with this idea, of course to do this is some work, you would have to sand down the chair cover the fabric carefully nsince we are keeping it, or depending on the chair you may be able to pop out the cushions, and then you must paint like you never have before, a few coats will be needed! Needless to say I thought that this would something all of you designers would love so enjoy creating your own at 

ps. i apologize for the 2 part post but the set comes out as a clearer image when posted through them! I look forwrad to your comments and seeing your own sets!

Bye for Now,


get the look

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stay Calm and Keep Cool...

As you all know I write for another blog, my previous posts have been posted below with links as well to the full articles/posts. Today I thought I would try something different and give you guys the whole post! I know its so exciting to not have to re direct to a different site! This post is in regards to pool decor, I know different topic, how do you change the decor of a pool-its a hole in the ground that is full of water! Well I have a few ideas on how to make your pool stand out from all the rest, cute cabana ideas, and pool liners that will blow your mind! So take a look below!!!

Pool Decor for Your Outdoors
                When the hot weather arrives everyone will do anything to stay cool. Some spend time at the mall, run through the sprinklers, or go for a swim. For those who get to stay cool in their own pool many are envious. Even though a pool is a good way to stay cool you can also do other things in your own backyard to stay cool. This cool factor has a lot to do with the decor of your backyard. A key factor is obviously a pool or some source of cooling. A good way to create this is through shade. Take a trip to a local hardware store/garden center and select a few tropical looking trees, this will create shade and a tropical feeling! With just one tree you will feel the difference and this will spark ideas for you on how to make your outdoor space more appealing. If you have a pool work with the liner, find accessories like outdoor furniture that compliment the liner colour or incorporate a colour it contains. Or if you are thinking of getting a pool here is a tip, look for a very unique pool company that offers different liners. Meaning a liner that is not just blue with a sand colour, look for the unusual that way your backyard will have something different no one else does. This is also a great starting point to including different colours in your exterior. As we all know when an in ground pool is made cement is around the outside of it, why not try creating a stain glass effect. Create a path from the door to the pool or to the gate to your front yard. This will again use different colours and allow you to bring more design to your pool!
Image Via
Like this picture, except when you are doing it yourself I doubt you will be able to create patterns! You can by colourful shards at a craft store or break a few beer, wine, liqueur bottles to save a bit! Just be careful when handling. Another way to add to backyard decor while incorporating your pool is a pool bar. It being a bar you would place it in the deep end, it mounts to the edge of the pool and the chairs remain under water. You can then build a cabana around that edge of the pool. This will create shade and you can extend the cabana to the cemented area for a land based retreat.
Image Via
Although this example is a bit extreme as the other half of their bar is the ocean this paints a picture. A cheaper and less expensive way is many pool companies have the attachable one for two people it is not as spectacular as this but still effective. Having a pool is a great luxury, for those of you who do not take advantage of the space you have a create a getaway. You can create a room outdoors with outdoor furniture, a fire pit, you may even have space for a hot tub! Enjoy your backyard no matter what is in it because as most of us know the heat doesn’t always last!

This post can also be seen on . I hope you all liked my ideas for pool decor, a bit different but fun! Stay tuned for another project I am working on that has to do with a mantle piece and the accessorizing of my backyard, a form of the above pool decor! All in honour of the hot weather and ways to stay cool. Let me know your thoughts, and if you would try this glass pathway?!
Bye for Now,
ps.I thought my title was very clever, although it is half someone elses I think its cute and very fitting for the weather we are currently dealing with!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I dabble in...

Today I am going to share with all you lovely readers and fellow bloggers my favourite online magazine! It is DABBLE!!!It is the best online magazine and one of the best magazines I have ever read! It gives a variety of wonderful and awe inspiring design, delicious food, and of course a wonderful travel section that makes you want to travel the world! or at least to the places they discover throughout each issue! I f I ever go to any of the places they have visited through the magazine I will be sure to follow their guide to see their city of choice and hot spots of choice! This being said dabble has fun contests and events that anyone can enter and attend! I thought I wouls share with you all a contyest they currently have going on and my ebtry or part of it! So here it is the I Dabble In Contest...

Here’s your chance to get featured in “I dabble in…”.

It’s easy:
1. Tell us who you are and what you do. (100 words or less)
2. Provide links to your website/blog, twitter and facebook.
3. List 4 things you dabble in.
4. Explain why you love/like/dabble in each activity. (50 words each)
5. Include a photo of you dabbling in each activity. (*Note: if you win we will require high resolution photos)
6. Submit your profile for your chance to be the next “I dabble in…” profile.
SUBJECT: I dabble in contest
ATTACH: Submit your write up and images as a 1 page document (either word or PDF file).
BODY: Include the “who you are and what you do” paragraph

I know very fun contest that will for sure be a hit! With that said here is my entry, just the written though I havent taken the pictures yet, when I do I will be sure to post them!...

Who I am and What I do – Liberty Visco              
                 I am a design student, and for as long as I can remember I have loved design, food, art, and all inspirational things! As I grew up my passion for design became obvious to those around me. I re-arranged furniture and always took an interest in food and art. Today I study interior decor not only at school but everywhere inspiring design can be found. I am passionate about cooking, art, and design. I am always looking for inspiration that will spark whimsical interest in all things I create, whether it be a rooms interior or a delicious treat.
Twitter : liberty @chicinnovative!/chicinnovative
I dabble in . . .
I dabble in . . . making delicious treats
From a very young age I was interested in cooking, I even wanted to be a pastry chef! I always find time to incorporate food into my design filled days! I even blog new recipes I have tried and traditional dishes as well! I enjoy making new things and mixing different flavours together.
I dabble in . . . upcycling
When designing a space or working on a project I always try to integrate existing items by refinishing them. This recycles a piece and allows it to be used again and again. I love to bring the old and the new together to create a uniqueness that will be treasured.
I dabble in . . . creating unique works of art
Creating artwork for me does not consist of one material being used, it is a multi media process. I love to create works that are capricious and out of the ordinary. I am keen on making pieces that have texture and evoke emotion from within.
I dabble in . . . finding inspiration
When starting a new project the most fun is had when I am finding inspiration. I make it a very long process and enjoy every minute of it! I look for inspiration in the weirdest of places; a unique charger plate or a sea shell. I get to explore my city and have fun!
Hopefully you all like my entry, let me know your thoughts, changes that should be made etc... Hopefully after reading this and my kind of review of the mag you will check it out....

Images,Text Via

Check it out and let me know your thoughts...

Find your dabble

Bye for Now,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Places To Go

This title is very reminisant (if that is how you spell it) of the Dr. Sesus book all the places you will go, and I believe this post will be very much like it. I am going to name off a few wonderful places to go and hopefully you will meet wonderful people in your venture to see these places. Here we go - places I have gone and seen that are truly beautiful - I did not take pictures which I truly regret but that just means I get to go back for more - hopefully google will be able to assist me so that you can all get a visual! The places I am listing are not in any specific order at all, it is all wonderful design!

Place # 1 - The Junction
The Junction is located at Dundas and Keele and is fabulous, it is worth it to check out the wonderful stuff they have!unfortunateley there are no photos avaliable and I did not take any! but if you are ever down town toronto you should defintley make this a stop.

Place #2 - Cornerstone
This furniture store is located downtown toronto at dundas and keele. It is the best antique furniture store I have been to in a long time. The store is huge and has amazing one of a kind pieces, they also have a basement where more furniture is located. It is very creepy because the stairs creak alot and are really creepy I was terrified that I would fall down the stairs! But once I got down there it was amazing! They had wonderful things and such good deals!

Unfortunatley I was not able to get a sample picture of their furniture but if you go onto their site  ( )you will see the gorgeous stuff they have. It is beautiful! They also have a virtual tour you can take!

Place # 3 - Forever Interiors
I have to admit I have not been into this place yet but I have heard very good things about it constantly! I cannot wait to visit and see what they have! It is located at dundas and keele like many of my other favourite places! I know have a place to go on my own places to go list! What fun it will be, maybe I should make a day trip of it and visit all the rest as well!

Place # 4 - Smash
This store is another phonomenal furniture store! It not only has furniture but that had a stand with old tiles that were about 3 inches by 3 inches and they were from argentina and had patterns and were full of colour. They also had old machine parts if thats the right way to describe it?! They had alot of stuff and it was all gorgeous, it is another stop that should defintley be made.

Image Via

Place # 5 - Mokuba
Although this not a furniture store or an art store it has a great product! This is the one stop you need to make when looking for ribbon! They have every ribbon you can imagine in every size you can imagine, in every colour, pattern, the list goes on and on. Just looking into the stores window draws you in like a kid at a candy store!

Image Via

Place # 6 - Butter
This store is a furniture store that has reclaimed pieces! It is located on queen street west just past the gladstone stone hotel. It is a fabulous store qwith great reclaimed pieces for many different styles and tastes. It is a very vintagey store if thats a word but it is wonderful and weel worth the trip. Unforunatley google is not being good to me nor is any other photo site so butter is unavaliable to be seen but you can always stop by their shop down town and see it first hand.!

Place # 7 - Maker at Studio B
They have a gorgeous exterior to their store and the interior is even better! Now I did not take any pictures of this studio but this is to your advantage it is much better to see there storefront in person. It is very sleek and almost minimalistic you could say. The cursive the word studio is in is a great font and it really characterizes their space and them! I nknow you will all love it!

Place # 8 - Mazon
As we venture further throughout the city or within, depending on how you look at it our next store which is Mazon a french store obviously can be found at richmond and jarvis. I know this is a very vauge description of where this store is located but its there I promise you! I know you want to kill me for my lack of visuals I do too but this I cannot help! I drove by this store and saw it in passing, I haven't gone in but I have had many many many many good reviews and I highly recommend it!! I am personally making a trip very shortly, as in next week to go visit all of these stores!

The last place to go is Place # 9 - Domision
I hope that I spelt the name of their store right I was kind of guessing and yes I tried to google it but somehow I could not manage to figure it out! Although I know myself that they have great things to offer, they attended IDS this year and their booth was nice! There flyer that they handed out was kind of like orgamy! haha it was folded weirdly but in a fun way, and it was bright pink! They were great at the show, they have organic items and there products are made in a great country as well! This store is a must see on your tour of the city, or my mini design stopos that need to be made!

Other things you may want to see are...
The Raleigh Hotel, I recommend that you google it is easier that way, trust you will understand shortly after you search it!
Seventy 5 Portland Street Condo Entrance, it has a very cool entrance and is worth the one minute look!
H&CO Front Facade,this building has the coolest framed windows, it is an awesome front facade and great to look at this one will take you a good five minute look to take it all in, the detail in the frames is beautiful!

Image Via
I hope that you have all enjoyed my trip down memory lane and will hopefully check out these places....

"With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,You'll be seeing great sights!"

Quote Via Dr.Sesus

Bye for Now,


Friday, June 24, 2011

More Delicious Recipes

I know I know its a design blog but I am persistent that food is an art, many would agree with me! Between being a design assitant, working on my guest blog, and cleaning my house(that is a huge chore!) I always manage to cook or bake something! Mind you I make dinner quite frequently, I suppose my mom is quite happy with me all the time then! Anyways....

Recipe #1 - Stuffed Zuchini

Image Via Moi

This recipe only consists of a few things, first preheat oven to 350 or about 220, then put a bit of oil in the bottom of a pan. Now you can begin to assemble your stuffes zuchinis. First cut the zuchini in half length wise, holllow it out so only dark green skin is left and a bit of the middle, do this to all pieces. Combine the leftover insides-chopped up with a can of tomato pieces adn some crumbled feta cheese add fresh parsley, oregano, sea salt, and pepper. Olivres can be added but dice inyo small pieces. mix it all together and fill hollowed out zuchinis. You should use 3 to 4 zuchinis, add other ingredients as you would like-more cheese for more cheeseyness-if thats a word! This is the result before baked, cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes approzimatley or until zuchini is fork tender! Then enjoy your deliciously fresh side dish!(Thia recipe was inspired by house and Homes recipe but it is tweaked for my liking)Enjoy!

Recipe#2 - Fresh baked from scratch Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe comes from my friends at food network!

Image Via Moi

This recipe is in standard format and take 3 hours to make! The recipe below makes approx 12 I doubled it and made 31 approx - I ate one and some were sampled before the count!

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 5 cups flour
  • 1 package instant yeast
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup butter, room temperature
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 4 tablespoons cream
  • 1 cup powdered sugar

  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  1. Stir together the glaze ingredients and drizzle all over the cinnamon rolls after they have cooled.
  1. In a small pot gently warm the milk along with 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, the vanilla and the salt. Don’t bring to a simmer, warm just enough to melt the butter. Meanwhile measure half the flour into the bowl of a stand mixer along with the yeast. Add the warm melted milk butter mixture to the flour, beat with a paddle attachment until smooth. Add the eggs one at a time, beating until smooth before proceeding. Switch to a dough hook and add the remaining flour. Knead until a soft dough forms that is no longer sticky to the touch, about five minutes. Rest the dough in a warm place, covered in a lightly oiled bowl until it doubles in size, about one to two hours.
  2. Knock the dough down and let rest for a few minutes. Meanwhile thoroughly mix together the room temperature butter with 1 cup of brown sugar and the cinnamon. Flour your work surface, the dough, your hands and a rolling pin. Roll out the dough into a long rectangle shape, about 18x12-inches. Evenly spread the cinnamon butter over the top of the dough leaving an inch or two uncovered along one long edge. This will help a seal form. Roll tightly into a long cigar shape from the covered long edge to the uncovered long edge. Brush the outside of the log with oil or melted butter.
  3. Slice the dough log into 12 or 16 sections. Turn each on its side and position evenly in an appropriately sized lightly oiled baking pan. Rest, uncovered, until the dough doubles in size again and the rolls swell into each other.
  4. Meanwhile preheat your oven to 350 F. When the dough is ready, bake for 30 to 35 minutes.
  5. When the cinnamon rolls have cooled enough to handle stir together the glaze ingredients and drizzle all over them. Serve immediately!
 This was my result!
Image Vis Moi
They were delicious, I made them yesterday! Now when doubling the recipe the only cautions I have is that the icing has a bit to much vanilla! Also when baking I baked for approx 25mins so keep an eye out and be ready to turn them constantly as I did! Also the filling came out a bit and melted onto the tray, I scooped it back on though! Still very yummy!!Enjoy!
Please send me your recipes so I can try them out and post here! send @ or I would love to hear your feedback about how these yummy treats turned out!
Bye for Now,

Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Venture

As a design student school has let out for the summer! But fortunately for me the design wheels are still turning! I work alongside a designer for a few days a week and try to volunteer as I can! All the while I am working on my portfolio, I figure artwork and sculptures can only get you so far so I took on my very first design project, well second!(I have been working on my bedroom but since the budget can be found in my pocket I am taking it slow!) None the less I decided to take the project of my tv room/living/den/whatever you want to call it. Although my house is newly renovated- I was a large part in all design decisions, including getting rid of a wall! Anyways my house had just been renovated, with this renovation came a new built in fireplace book shelf, a new fireplace, new hardwood floors. new tile floors, a fresh coat of paint, new windows, and new window treatments! wow that was alolt to say in one breath! With all this - tearing out cabinetry,walls, just about everything on the main floor, there was nothing left for an accessory budget! So as weeks went on a collection began, one that was ecletic but for the most part my parents style. So I decided that the least each room could use was spot decorating/being amped up! Here is the before of the dreadful corner...

Image via Moi!

As you can see the built in could use some styling and the corner has a lot more potential. I entertained several ideas sculptures or statues, boxes, and trunks, finally I found the perfect piece-a beautifully upholstered chair! There were a few to choose from, One was a gorgeous mauve, a turqouise floral, a sheek cow hide. I wanted a print that wasn't to femine but not to masculine, one that matched the room well. Once I decided on the biggest and most expensive piece I moved onto styling the space and accessorizing. The total for the corner was $500! I know it is a lot, some of the stuff could have easily been found at garage sale, antique show, I was very excited and not exactly looking for a bargain! Take a look below...

Image via Photographer,Bianca Ragogna - Contact info can be provided upon request

It was a very big transformation for such a small corner and a big difference - my parents loved it so much they decided they wanted it all but for a lower price - my baragain hunt began for similar but cheaper pieces! It wasnt easy but I managed to re create the space for less than half the original price! (less than 250$) It was a big project for me as my first/second! It was worth all the time and every penny! Stay tuned for future mini redecorations and vignettes of the space above - let me know how I did, share your thoughts on my first project!

Bye for Now,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Design in the Form of Food!

Considering that I write about design everything needs to revolve around design. Although design can be found in many places, magazines, artwork, home decor, and even food!
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Although my passion is home decor I love to cook and bake! So I thought that I wouls share a few recipes of mine with you!

The first recipe: Cream of Mushroom Chicken Pasta - a regular pasta alternative

This recipe is the easiest recipe to make and all you need is stuff you can find in your cabinet! The things you will need is 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 4 chicken breast, and 2 to 3 cups of uncooked pasta. Any type of pasta will do, the whole point of this first recipe is to use stuff you have in your cupboard, you can use a variety of pastas - the end of the bag, that is always left over!

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Everything else you will need are everyday ingredients such as, flour, salt, pepper, etc...
The first thing you are going to want to do is slice the chicken into strips then you are going to want to season it with salt , pepper, and parsley. Dip the strips in and egg whites, and bread it in flour. Once you have done this you can begin to fry the chicken or bake it in the oven. You can then boil water and cook the pasta and heat the cream of mushroom soup in a saucepan. Once the chciken is done cut it into square bits you can then add the chicken to the cream of mushroom soup and add the sauce to the drained pasta. This should take about half an hour to make. It is a quick and easy meal that uses pantry items. As well it is a healthy meal, chicken breast, egg whites, whole wheat flour instead of white, the entire recipe can be made with healthy alternative ingredients. It is a delicious meal that is easy to make and healthy!

The second recipe: Berry Pie

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This is also an easy recipe, it uses a flour, butter, and sugar base pie crust. The filling is simply 6 cups of berries, 1 cup of sugar, 1 table spoon of lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of lemon zest. To make the pie crust combine the flour, sugar, and butter. When combining the butter be careful not to play with the dough to much, this will flatten the air pockets the butter makes and make the dough very tough and chewy. Once you have done this lay the crust inside your pan and let it cool in the fridge for 20 minutes to firm the dough. Then you can add the berries mixed with the other filling ingredients. You can then lay the remaining dough on top of the pie, you can fork the edges so no filling will come out. Brush the top with an egg wash and cut a few holes in the top to allow the steam to escape. It can be baked for 45 minutes on medium heat, this may depend on your oven.
These recipes are easy to make and use healthy ingredients! They use pantry items and take no time at all to make! Let me know how it turns out when you try these delicious and healthy recipes!Enjoy!

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