Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Own Magazine Article

As many of you are aware I am currently an interior decorating student, this is my final year in the program as I am graduating in the spring. Although it seems a lifetime away it is only quite a few short months away that will surely fly by as the beginning of my program has. With this there have been many teachers who have been a great help, and fellow students that have as well. I have completed many many many projects and added to my portfolio. In turn I would like to share with you all the latest project I am working on and my favourite. It happens to be my favourite because it is what I want to do when I graduate, work in magazine (or television)!! The latest project is creating a 2 page spread magazine article, and I figured I would post it below for all of you to take a look! Feel free to comment and critique as it is still in the works and due next week! ENJOY!!!

This is page 1 of the spread page 2 is below!!!

this is page 2, it is missing its before and after shots and the floor plan seen has to be edited, and my picture has to be changed- not professional enough for this project! Hope you enjoy and please leave comments, and suggestions - it would really help! Stay tuned for the finished product, and a look at the rest of my portfolio!!!

Bye for Now,

ps... any suggestions for a better sign off???

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