Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEW YORK, concrete jungle where dreams are made...

If you couldn't figure it from the lovely title above I am sure you can now I am going to NY!!

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Thank you Jay Z for the title by the way and thank you humber college for the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime! I am departing by bus unfortunately on october 20th, yes that is next thursday! it is a four day trip and three nights! We are bussing it! A few stops along the way will be the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, Vincente Wolf's studio/showroom and we will be meeting him face to face in person! (If we were not going to I was going to try to meet him in Punta Cana, I will be vacationing there just after new years for a week and just an hour away from my hotel is a school he teaches a lecture at annually! luckily i do not have to brave the hour long taxi ride while in paradise!) And that is all I know right now I will be getting the itinerary next week at the beginning of the week, of course once I return I will post all the details and pictures! Of course there will be a project involved since it is a school event, we have to find a breath taking window display, a funky chair, the hottest trend, and something else too! We have to document all of this with photographs, sketches, written work, etc... I cannot wait as we also have shopping time - lots of it, and free nights to hit the town!

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Possibly have a drink with Beyonce and Jay Z! You never know who you will run into into the .... 

Concrete Jungle 
Where Dreams 
Are Made!

stay tuned for more on NY!!!!!!

 Bye for Now, xoxo

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