Friday, May 18, 2012

Chanel goes Versailles!

Although I have promised a post on other things, which will happen I could not resist to post about this:

Chanel recently had a fashion show for their upcoming line, and it was in France Versailles!

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This show was obviously in versailles held at a wonderful venue! It was the home of Marie Antoinette! and was were the movie was shot as well! So naturally the fashion, styles, and looks were all partially inspired by this time period!

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This is one of my favourite looks! I love the layering of the jewellery and the texture of the over coat! There make up is simple and reminiscent of a past time but their outfits modern and vicarious! There hair styles play between both of these playing on wonderful chalky and greyed colours!

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In every outfit the same glorious feeling is presented! From swim suits to off the shoulder dresses! In the above picture I just love the gold embellished necklace! I think of outfits as interiors in a way. The image with the layered jewellery and textured over coat remind me of heavily layered patterns in a space with key colours to link them whilst texture adds a bit of interest as does different surfaces such as the gold embellishments' of the above necklace!

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The dress to the right is my absolute favourite! I love the crispness of the white and the edginess the lovely blue pattern gives. The peek a boo effect is just to die for! I really love the feline touch added by the royal blue adornment. 

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Again we see the gorgeous gold and silver in the dress beside mixing different finishes to create a one of a kind look! The swim suit is one anyone would be lucky to wear! Where as the outfits to the right are those that are fit for a queen! Or maybe just Kate Middleton!

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I found this picture and thought how very similar to the past marie antoinette it is but classical like Chanel! The Chanel bags that are tied with ribbon add a touch of elegance to the sketch/ rendition. It is wonderful to see these chalky pastel colours with golds and silvers and other luxurious textiles. This is one of my favourite lines from them if not my fave! This is probably because i can see one of these outfits as an interior that I would love to live in!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Table Decor for Thought

Although I promised pictures of the 50th surprise birthday i arranged unfortunately i haven't received a copy yet. I the mean time I would love to share with you my latest table decor setting.  You have seen christmas and of course thanks giving and you saw how I transformed items from event into purposes for another. For easter I did the same once again. Instead of filling my large jar with pine cones I filled it with kinder surprise eggs! This is a great for every easter, everyone loves to open these eggs young or old! And they are very cheap at costco, although we can't get to carried away with big box store shopping! Rachel Ray did a great piece on her show with a few rules to follow, you can find her tips here! Anyways  some DIY ideas I came up with this time around is reusing old plastic eggs that were used for easter egg hunts when kids were smaller!

Image Via : Moi!

As you can see I repurposed them by adding some colour to the vase, the colour is now at the bottom and the top were the tulips are creating visual flow between. The stems of the tulips also make us look downward as many flowers stems do, most of the time there is nothing to look at but now there is visual interest. This is an easy DIY centrepiece that takes very little work but adds that extra touch!

I also added a kids touch but creating a candy / dessert table. I bought tiny jars to hold the candy at the dollar store! These jars are the cutest things ever and can be repurposed for many other things as well. Jars and vases always come in handy! ( I actually repurposed one of the jars at a design show to hold my business cards while the other jar held candy, I tried to be clever!)

Image Via: moi!

Another great idea I had was a cute easter wreath on my door! Although the one I have is store bought I can easily make another for next year! I can even make tiny ones as well! All you need is paint, Styrofoam eggs, a nest from the store, and a few strands of fake flowers or real depending on how often you would like to replenish the wreath. If you start with the nest you can weave in the strands of fake flowers or real, you then can paint the eggs in funky designs or simple, whatever you feel best suits you and your home! You then simply attach the painted eggs onto the nest itself but poking a branch into the egg! You can also make miniature size wreaths and place chocolates in the centre as table decor thank you's for each guest! If you go the miniature route I suggest no styrofoam eggs as real chocolate ones will be present and there is o need to get confused!

Image Via: Moi!

Image Via

This picture is similar to what I had in mind, maybe a few small scale flowers can be added to the nest but none the less a gorgeous job!

Finally I used a cream coloured table cloth with a damask pattern. As we can't expect to buy new table cloths for every occasion and every theme we choose I tried to stick with a neutral colour that will best suit future colour schemes. I also chose a cream and grey printed patterned napkin. Although it cam in turquoise I felt the bright centrepiece and dessert table said enough already! I love to mix neutral tones and layer lots of pattern to crete visual interest not only within an interior but on a table top as well!

Images Via: Moi!

I also played with mixing the shine of the glass, silvers, and golds to create a mix of materials as well as textures! Now that I have shown you my easter here are a few great easter ideas I found elsewhere!

Image Via: More Design Please

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Both pictures are fabulous and great ideas! Although my pictures are nothing to compare, that is why I have decided that this is my new venture. I want to create more variation of great table decor, etc.. within my portfolio and that is what I am going to be doing! So hopefully you guys will see something great soon!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dress for Decor Perfection

It has been quite a while and a lot has gone on! To catch you all up the following has happened; wrapping up my final semester in the interior decorating program at humber college ( i am done school! forever, maybe!), the second was finish up my internship at the steven and chris show which was fantastic-as well as attend the season wrap party at steven and chris's penthouse!, additionally i have begun work on my portfolio again!, as well as a job search! With all this going on I had little time to blog as many of you have undeniably noticed! But now I have some time on my hands and there is no need to worry!

So now to begin were I left off , which was essentially catching you up with what has been going which I have done I can now continue to talk about design. I wanted to first take a look at how fashion influences design and decor. We all know that there is a direct correlation between the to and some even go as far to create spaces based on fashion straight off the runway. So lets take a look at a few examples below, why they work, what I like and what I would change and why.

The image above was featured in apartment theory blog, where they talked about the use of mustard within spaces. It was a great post and definitely something to check out! In the picture we can see the use of mustard in both her skirt and the headboard. As this is a picture it is hard to tell what type of fabric is used but ideally I would have used a velvet. This colour on the of the velvet and the shape of the headboard would have really enforced a victorian feel that we can see within the headboard. The neutral tones are wonderful and a favourite of mine.

The above picture although not related to fashion interiors is one of my favourites. The sea foam green, turquoise, and neutral white are some of my favourite colours. The texture adds a lot of interest and makes this piece wonderful. I would consider using these pieces as focal points on a wall, or accessories on a shelf, even an added visual feature atop a stack of books on a night table to create visual interest. This piece also relates quite well to the outfit below.

This outfit incorporates the colours as well as the same shapes of the accessory itself. The white framed sunglasses add to the likeness in colour.

With just a few simple pictures we can see how interiors and accessories take inspiration from fashion. A key example can be seen of european interior design and decor. 

Hopefully these above pictures inspire you to create beautiful works of art whether it be interiors, fashion, accessories, crafts, etc... Stay tuned for pictures of the latest event that I styled! ( a surprise 50th birthday party)!

Talk to You Soon,