Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas DIY!

This christmas I tried something new! A recycled DIY! I used house hold items and old craft paper, re using, recycling - up cycling! I created my very own holiday christmas present cards with only things in my bag of tricks! ( a craft bag I bring when I babysit!)

In my craft bag I have the essentials, construction paper, fancier pattern craft paper for scrap books, scrap book stickers, glue, glitter sticks and glues, jewels, pencil crayons, you name the art supply and it is in this bag! I additionally needed an old newspaper - recycling!!! I used my craft scissors plus these other supplies  to cut up the tags....

Once I had them all cut I assembled them....

Once assembled I added more layers of different papers for a nicer effect and added glitter and old ribbon to create bows and give it a cute look! I then wrote everyones names as per the gift!
Once I finished my tags I proceeded to make more tags as name plates for my dining table for christmas lunch that was held at my house!

As you can see I used an old cream coloured damask table cloth - my colours were gold, green, and cream, with a hint of red! I used a green damask printed napkin to pick up on the pattern from the table cloth, and you can see the silver ware inside the rolled napkin which is tied with a green bow that holds the name tag on! The tags are similar to the gift tags as to keep the theme consistent!

The centre piece idea is a spin on something I saw! I used jars that I found in my cupboard and filled them with different levels of water and added cranberries! I wanted to use white cranberries and throw in a few blueberries but I figured that the red was festive and added a pop of colour!

I arranged the centre piece in two ways in a line down the table or bunched up, both were cute - we do a buffet style for christmas so that and drinks are the only thing on the table - the less clutter the better! I also reused my jars of cinnamon scented pine cones from thanksgiving. I rolled the pine cones in white liquid glue and then gold glitter - it added a bit of sparkle to christmas and reused an old centre piece as a new one for the dessert table!

Hopefully you all enjoyed my DIY and will try it next year as it was successful and stylish! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a great new year to come!

Talk to you Soon - Decor Guru

Saturday, December 3, 2011

All That is Gold!

This thanksgiving I decided to go all out with the table decor - as the decor guru it is my responsibility to! (side note - decor guru, thoughts - i threw it out there last post, i have been thinking of a sign off name for the blog here , you all know my twitter is chic innovative which is what my blog is but i feel like i need an actual sign off... thoughts)
My colour palette - brown, gold and green!

I started with a centre piece idea - different types of jars, sizes and shapes to create an eclectic but chic look, then i filled them with scented pine cones. The pine cones represent the fall season, and can be used for christmas decor by painting the tips white to look like snow or adding glitter to the tips to look like snow. I then brought in the brown as the table cloth colour as well, having a big family with lots of kids means a huge mess so lighter colours aren't always the best idea! I then went with a gold charger plate and used thick green ribbon to tie together the party favour- plate decor. I baked thirty dozen cookies for table decor and dessert! I stacked 3 cookies and tied them together with a ribbon and attached a tag with each guest name! the flavours - cinnamon shortbread, cranberry shortbread, and chocolate shortbread with smarties - gotta have a kids dessert! Hopefully you all think it's nice - christmas soon to come!!!! (photography via me and my lovely mother)

Talk to you Soon - Decor Guru


I thought I would go in a different direction today and post an inspirational image of an interior from style at home magazine! Although it is short it is sweet and to the point, a sort of inspirational journal entry about different pieces that can add more to the space - inspired by this space to create a similar one! Enjoy!

Image via

Why I love it?

The wall treatment, mirrored side table (love shiny reflective surfaces), wonderful linen chaise! It is definitely partially my style, i don't know if i would be able to live with pink walls though!

What I could Switch Up!

The gorgeous gold side table would look great with this light fixture ... although the tone of the side table would have to be adjusted a bit! but otherwise i think it looks great with the interior! The chandelier looks gorgeous but this pendant would look awesome!

Image Via Royal Lighting

It would look awesome in this space, or another side table could be used ... with a different lacquered gloss finish top - like an olive green, it would go feel with the off white grey tone linen chaise and pink is similar to red who's complimentary colour is green! It would look wonderful with the plum cushion, maybe a muted turquoise accent as well!

Image Via George Furniture

We can definitely see that this room is inspiring and as designers or decor guru's we can switch up different elements and put our own twist on a space and make it our own, we can find inspiration in others and give credit to others for inspiration they have provided! Today I took a look at an image from style at home magazine for inspiration, it is a gorgeous interior and I found gorgeous items that went well with the space!
The use of gold is chic as it is currently in style and make a sort of come back! We can see that the space was previously gorgeous but with these few changes the space is more my style which is exactly what it should be since it is in my style journal!

Talk to you Soon - your Decor Guru! xoxo

stay tuned for another style journal entry of inspiration - have an interior that you want me to switch up email it in! @