Friday, July 22, 2011

Stay Calm and Keep Cool...

As you all know I write for another blog, my previous posts have been posted below with links as well to the full articles/posts. Today I thought I would try something different and give you guys the whole post! I know its so exciting to not have to re direct to a different site! This post is in regards to pool decor, I know different topic, how do you change the decor of a pool-its a hole in the ground that is full of water! Well I have a few ideas on how to make your pool stand out from all the rest, cute cabana ideas, and pool liners that will blow your mind! So take a look below!!!

Pool Decor for Your Outdoors
                When the hot weather arrives everyone will do anything to stay cool. Some spend time at the mall, run through the sprinklers, or go for a swim. For those who get to stay cool in their own pool many are envious. Even though a pool is a good way to stay cool you can also do other things in your own backyard to stay cool. This cool factor has a lot to do with the decor of your backyard. A key factor is obviously a pool or some source of cooling. A good way to create this is through shade. Take a trip to a local hardware store/garden center and select a few tropical looking trees, this will create shade and a tropical feeling! With just one tree you will feel the difference and this will spark ideas for you on how to make your outdoor space more appealing. If you have a pool work with the liner, find accessories like outdoor furniture that compliment the liner colour or incorporate a colour it contains. Or if you are thinking of getting a pool here is a tip, look for a very unique pool company that offers different liners. Meaning a liner that is not just blue with a sand colour, look for the unusual that way your backyard will have something different no one else does. This is also a great starting point to including different colours in your exterior. As we all know when an in ground pool is made cement is around the outside of it, why not try creating a stain glass effect. Create a path from the door to the pool or to the gate to your front yard. This will again use different colours and allow you to bring more design to your pool!
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Like this picture, except when you are doing it yourself I doubt you will be able to create patterns! You can by colourful shards at a craft store or break a few beer, wine, liqueur bottles to save a bit! Just be careful when handling. Another way to add to backyard decor while incorporating your pool is a pool bar. It being a bar you would place it in the deep end, it mounts to the edge of the pool and the chairs remain under water. You can then build a cabana around that edge of the pool. This will create shade and you can extend the cabana to the cemented area for a land based retreat.
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Although this example is a bit extreme as the other half of their bar is the ocean this paints a picture. A cheaper and less expensive way is many pool companies have the attachable one for two people it is not as spectacular as this but still effective. Having a pool is a great luxury, for those of you who do not take advantage of the space you have a create a getaway. You can create a room outdoors with outdoor furniture, a fire pit, you may even have space for a hot tub! Enjoy your backyard no matter what is in it because as most of us know the heat doesn’t always last!

This post can also be seen on . I hope you all liked my ideas for pool decor, a bit different but fun! Stay tuned for another project I am working on that has to do with a mantle piece and the accessorizing of my backyard, a form of the above pool decor! All in honour of the hot weather and ways to stay cool. Let me know your thoughts, and if you would try this glass pathway?!
Bye for Now,
ps.I thought my title was very clever, although it is half someone elses I think its cute and very fitting for the weather we are currently dealing with!!

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