Monday, July 18, 2011

I dabble in...

Today I am going to share with all you lovely readers and fellow bloggers my favourite online magazine! It is DABBLE!!!It is the best online magazine and one of the best magazines I have ever read! It gives a variety of wonderful and awe inspiring design, delicious food, and of course a wonderful travel section that makes you want to travel the world! or at least to the places they discover throughout each issue! I f I ever go to any of the places they have visited through the magazine I will be sure to follow their guide to see their city of choice and hot spots of choice! This being said dabble has fun contests and events that anyone can enter and attend! I thought I wouls share with you all a contyest they currently have going on and my ebtry or part of it! So here it is the I Dabble In Contest...

Here’s your chance to get featured in “I dabble in…”.

It’s easy:
1. Tell us who you are and what you do. (100 words or less)
2. Provide links to your website/blog, twitter and facebook.
3. List 4 things you dabble in.
4. Explain why you love/like/dabble in each activity. (50 words each)
5. Include a photo of you dabbling in each activity. (*Note: if you win we will require high resolution photos)
6. Submit your profile for your chance to be the next “I dabble in…” profile.
SUBJECT: I dabble in contest
ATTACH: Submit your write up and images as a 1 page document (either word or PDF file).
BODY: Include the “who you are and what you do” paragraph

I know very fun contest that will for sure be a hit! With that said here is my entry, just the written though I havent taken the pictures yet, when I do I will be sure to post them!...

Who I am and What I do – Liberty Visco              
                 I am a design student, and for as long as I can remember I have loved design, food, art, and all inspirational things! As I grew up my passion for design became obvious to those around me. I re-arranged furniture and always took an interest in food and art. Today I study interior decor not only at school but everywhere inspiring design can be found. I am passionate about cooking, art, and design. I am always looking for inspiration that will spark whimsical interest in all things I create, whether it be a rooms interior or a delicious treat.
Twitter : liberty @chicinnovative!/chicinnovative
I dabble in . . .
I dabble in . . . making delicious treats
From a very young age I was interested in cooking, I even wanted to be a pastry chef! I always find time to incorporate food into my design filled days! I even blog new recipes I have tried and traditional dishes as well! I enjoy making new things and mixing different flavours together.
I dabble in . . . upcycling
When designing a space or working on a project I always try to integrate existing items by refinishing them. This recycles a piece and allows it to be used again and again. I love to bring the old and the new together to create a uniqueness that will be treasured.
I dabble in . . . creating unique works of art
Creating artwork for me does not consist of one material being used, it is a multi media process. I love to create works that are capricious and out of the ordinary. I am keen on making pieces that have texture and evoke emotion from within.
I dabble in . . . finding inspiration
When starting a new project the most fun is had when I am finding inspiration. I make it a very long process and enjoy every minute of it! I look for inspiration in the weirdest of places; a unique charger plate or a sea shell. I get to explore my city and have fun!
Hopefully you all like my entry, let me know your thoughts, changes that should be made etc... Hopefully after reading this and my kind of review of the mag you will check it out....

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Check it out and let me know your thoughts...

Find your dabble

Bye for Now,

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