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Para Para Paradise

The title of this post is a very interesting one that will lead me perfectly into my topic of choose. To begin Para Para Paradise is actually the name of a video series of dancers doing the Para Para, a dance obviously! I choose this title because this post is in regards to PARA PAINTS!!! The relation to this dance, a - it has para in it, para paints and b - the word paradise represents the colours they offer very well.

 Image Via http://www.jas-mar.com/paint01.htm and Para Paints

To touch on para's history here is just a taste...
- founded in 1915 by the wilson brothers
- it was a family company that was and is presently today canadian
- in 1955 they moved to Rexdale
- they received a new building in the 80's - 1990 - brampton building
- in the 90's they went nation wide
- the company bounced from owner to owner throughout the years but maintained its identity and integrity
- in 2010 para launched a paint line with sarah richardson

Images Via http://razmatazblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/exciting-night-at-launch-of-sarah.html

This basically sums up some of the more important points about para but they additionally...

- have an easy to read label and eco friendly products!!!

Image Via http://www.homemade-co.com/shizai/parapaints-en.html

Para has been featured by ...

House and Home Magazine - Style at Home Magazine - Home and Country - HGTV - Jo Alcorns up and coming tv series - and many more places!!!

They are also recognized by the LEED association, MPI , master painters
There product offers.....
-good coverage
-zero VOC's (or 99.9%)
-fast dry
-low odour
-water base
-and is available in many finishes.. eggshell, matte, semi gloss, gloss

With all of these positive factors this makes Para the best paint company out there. They have several paint lines such as; Essence which was released in 2011 and has zero VOC's, ultra which is a self primer and has the best coverage many paint from any company can offer. These are just a few, ultra is the highest product in there line of paints, it is a bit more expensive but is worth every penny if not more. Ultra also has great coverage and does not require you to prime the walls or surface prior to painting making it cheaper in this sense. Additonally Design line III one of the most popular paint lines Para carries is returning shortly!!! Not only do they offer great paint lines but they also offer SAMPLE OF STYLE this is made for designers and their indecisive clients! It is about 50$ and you can paint about half a wall to get a sense of the colour, additionally you receive a coupon for the gallon. This is a very helpful tool for designers and a good way to sample and reassure an indecisive client.

Image Via http://www.para.com/can-cuts/samples-of-style

We can officially conclude that Para is the one of the best if not the best paint line available! They offer a wide range of finishes and there quality is better than ever, they care about the environment and take it into consideration when dealing with creating there paints, Para paints is a company that has kept its integrity and quality over the many years it has been in business.

If you like what you've heard about Para Paints feel free to visit them at http://www.para.com .
If you were interested in Sarah Richardsons new paint line with Para visit http://razmatazblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/exciting-night-at-launch-of-sarah.html for the down low on the night of the para paints and sarah richardson paint line release party.

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