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Oh Places To Go

This title is very reminisant (if that is how you spell it) of the Dr. Sesus book all the places you will go, and I believe this post will be very much like it. I am going to name off a few wonderful places to go and hopefully you will meet wonderful people in your venture to see these places. Here we go - places I have gone and seen that are truly beautiful - I did not take pictures which I truly regret but that just means I get to go back for more - hopefully google will be able to assist me so that you can all get a visual! The places I am listing are not in any specific order at all, it is all wonderful design!

Place # 1 - The Junction
The Junction is located at Dundas and Keele and is fabulous, it is worth it to check out the wonderful stuff they have!unfortunateley there are no photos avaliable and I did not take any! but if you are ever down town toronto you should defintley make this a stop.

Place #2 - Cornerstone
This furniture store is located downtown toronto at dundas and keele. It is the best antique furniture store I have been to in a long time. The store is huge and has amazing one of a kind pieces, they also have a basement where more furniture is located. It is very creepy because the stairs creak alot and are really creepy I was terrified that I would fall down the stairs! But once I got down there it was amazing! They had wonderful things and such good deals!

Unfortunatley I was not able to get a sample picture of their furniture but if you go onto their site  ( )you will see the gorgeous stuff they have. It is beautiful! They also have a virtual tour you can take!

Place # 3 - Forever Interiors
I have to admit I have not been into this place yet but I have heard very good things about it constantly! I cannot wait to visit and see what they have! It is located at dundas and keele like many of my other favourite places! I know have a place to go on my own places to go list! What fun it will be, maybe I should make a day trip of it and visit all the rest as well!

Place # 4 - Smash
This store is another phonomenal furniture store! It not only has furniture but that had a stand with old tiles that were about 3 inches by 3 inches and they were from argentina and had patterns and were full of colour. They also had old machine parts if thats the right way to describe it?! They had alot of stuff and it was all gorgeous, it is another stop that should defintley be made.

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Place # 5 - Mokuba
Although this not a furniture store or an art store it has a great product! This is the one stop you need to make when looking for ribbon! They have every ribbon you can imagine in every size you can imagine, in every colour, pattern, the list goes on and on. Just looking into the stores window draws you in like a kid at a candy store!

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Place # 6 - Butter
This store is a furniture store that has reclaimed pieces! It is located on queen street west just past the gladstone stone hotel. It is a fabulous store qwith great reclaimed pieces for many different styles and tastes. It is a very vintagey store if thats a word but it is wonderful and weel worth the trip. Unforunatley google is not being good to me nor is any other photo site so butter is unavaliable to be seen but you can always stop by their shop down town and see it first hand.!

Place # 7 - Maker at Studio B
They have a gorgeous exterior to their store and the interior is even better! Now I did not take any pictures of this studio but this is to your advantage it is much better to see there storefront in person. It is very sleek and almost minimalistic you could say. The cursive the word studio is in is a great font and it really characterizes their space and them! I nknow you will all love it!

Place # 8 - Mazon
As we venture further throughout the city or within, depending on how you look at it our next store which is Mazon a french store obviously can be found at richmond and jarvis. I know this is a very vauge description of where this store is located but its there I promise you! I know you want to kill me for my lack of visuals I do too but this I cannot help! I drove by this store and saw it in passing, I haven't gone in but I have had many many many many good reviews and I highly recommend it!! I am personally making a trip very shortly, as in next week to go visit all of these stores!

The last place to go is Place # 9 - Domision
I hope that I spelt the name of their store right I was kind of guessing and yes I tried to google it but somehow I could not manage to figure it out! Although I know myself that they have great things to offer, they attended IDS this year and their booth was nice! There flyer that they handed out was kind of like orgamy! haha it was folded weirdly but in a fun way, and it was bright pink! They were great at the show, they have organic items and there products are made in a great country as well! This store is a must see on your tour of the city, or my mini design stopos that need to be made!

Other things you may want to see are...
The Raleigh Hotel, I recommend that you google it is easier that way, trust you will understand shortly after you search it!
Seventy 5 Portland Street Condo Entrance, it has a very cool entrance and is worth the one minute look!
H&CO Front Facade,this building has the coolest framed windows, it is an awesome front facade and great to look at this one will take you a good five minute look to take it all in, the detail in the frames is beautiful!

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I hope that you have all enjoyed my trip down memory lane and will hopefully check out these places....

"With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,You'll be seeing great sights!"

Quote Via Dr.Sesus

Bye for Now,


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