Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Polyvore w/ Love...

As you can see below I have created a set on Polyvore is a site where you can buy products and also create sets, for instance many people create fashion sets- in these sets they create a look or re create a look of a celebrity. The set I created is the refinishing of a chair inspired by a photo. Int he photo there are many colours going on, once I found this chair I knew it was the one because of its navy and off white stripe that matched the colours of the photo. With this I decided the best way to spice it up and further incorporate the photo would be to paint the structure of the chair a yellow or orange-red. Unfortunatley I could not find any pictures as examples but i did find this...

Image Via

This picture gives you the idea of where I am headed with this idea, of course to do this is some work, you would have to sand down the chair cover the fabric carefully nsince we are keeping it, or depending on the chair you may be able to pop out the cushions, and then you must paint like you never have before, a few coats will be needed! Needless to say I thought that this would something all of you designers would love so enjoy creating your own at 

ps. i apologize for the 2 part post but the set comes out as a clearer image when posted through them! I look forwrad to your comments and seeing your own sets!

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