Monday, November 25, 2013

Fave Colour Palette!

Although I had promised my DIY gallery wall as my next post I have something else for now! (I did finish off the wall and it looks phenomenal !)

I thought I would show you 2 things the first is a fireplace mantle vignette.

Image Via Moi

This fireplace is a custom fireplace I designed for a special client! My lovely mother! I chose to use a rougher stone for lots of texture. I also went with a stone that has a variety of colours which will allow for more variety in the colour  palette. 

I used all our excess artwork to create a mantle top vignette. They key to making it cohesive is artwork which have common colours. I used several warm tones similar to the stone hues. To ground everything I used a earth tone green on the walls. 

As it is a basement, and we had a limited budget, a drop ceiling was used. This also helps with enlarging the space as it is a light colour.

Image via moi

This is the second. This is my fave restaurant in Niagra Falls, Bravo. They have the most delicious Italian cuisine and a great decor. 

There is no lack of design within this space. Attention is paid to even the smallest details.

The textiles, upholstery, tiles/ stone, and wood finishes are amazing. They work together impeccably !

Image Via Moi

When I look at the decor within this space it definitely reminds me of my fireplace mantle vignette. These tones are one of my fave's to use within spaces. They have such character and depth when layered.

I hope you all love the decor and stay tuned for that gallery wall and some Christmas related posts to come!

Talk to you later,

Liberty xoxo

Monday, October 7, 2013

Time Flys . . .

How time can fly! Looking back at my last post it was spring! And here we are ready to welcome winter! In the months that have past I have been quite the busy bee. A new job with lots of event planning involved! As well as a birthday or two - make that a few! It has been a long and wonderful summer and I am ready for the winter! Let it snow! Although before the ground is glittered it must be leave covered. Who doesnt love a good autumn season!

It is just as romantic as winters snowflakes. I will actually be pumpkin picking soon, as it has become tradition! I also want to start a new tradition and go apple picking followed by homemade apple pies!

Enjoy the pictures below of my favourite fall activities and home decor! All from Etsy. One of my favourite online shopping sites that has everything hand made that you can imagine!
Fall Wreath. Harvest Square Boxwood Wreath with Woodfired Monogram Letter of Your Choice and Exceptional Harvest Bow.  Uptown with a Spunk.
Image Via Privileged Door -Etsy Shop

Add a little fall flavour to your door with a wreath , they aren't just for Christmas!

Or add a little rustic touch to your mantle piece for an autumn effect, pairing an existing modern mirror with rustic candle sticks will do just fine. Or use your existing candlesticks and buy bark rapped candles. If budget is low try hot gluing twine around the candle or simply tie in a bow.

Image Via

Other great fall things are carnivals and fairs. My town has one every year. With rides, games, cotton candy, a petting zoo, and more! Of course the Ferris wheel is always there as well! Check it out @ Bolton Fall Fair!

Another crowd pleaser is the Toronto Fall Home Show which just wrapped up this past weekend. It was fantatstic. Lots of great companies and products. Not to mention the wonderful speakers they had! Leigh Ann Perrault and the Property Brothers just to name a few!

Image Via

As always she was fantastic! Never disappointing! Also there was @NicholasRosaci looking as damper as ever! Hanging out at the Digs lounge area. Gorgeous lounge/booth area.One of my favourite things this year were the tile patterns my top pick can be seen below - wouln't it look gorgeous as a backsplash or as a shower floor?

Image Via Houzz

This pattern is to die for! I also love a herringbone they featured at the show this weekend and a few other marble patterned options! I am kicking myself in the but for not taking any pictures!

There was much more going on at the show, like the habitat for humanitarians Restore a  door project. So many unique ways to make a door into something that can used everyday. It is such a good way to reuse, recycle, and give back to your community. It just goes to show how easy and helpful a DIY can be!

On that note visit next week for my next post where you can get a look at reusing picture frames. I made a simple ten dollar investment for a gallery wall that will look back at me forever!

Hope you enjoyed!

ttul, Liberty!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Little Spring in Your Step

With the warm weather approaching and a taste of it this last week everyones backyard is on their mind! Even if you don't have a backyard then you are thinking about the Toronto Waterfront, walks on lakeshore boulevard, a picnic in High Park. The list is endless and as are the possibilities. I have come up with my favourite spring and summer picks. These encapsulate my love for decor, event styling, fashion, and my inner foodie! I hope you love it all as much as I do!

This is the essence of summer for me! A comfortable chair and umbrella! and of course my pool! My fave item is the oversized lounger. Many can be found at a lost cost from Walmart, Crate and Barrel, Target, and even at a higher price and much finer quality from Andrew Richard Designs.

One of the best relaxing things to do while in the sun is getting a manicure! My fave colour for the summer is a gorgeous light pink that is pearlized with a shimmer to the tips! It brings out even the slightest tan!

The use of chartreuse, here it may look a little limey but none the less it is gorgeous in its entirety! 

Via Elle UK

I love the use of lace it is amazing! So summery and light and fresh!

These are just a few of my favourite spring/summer things! They are not only products but styles as well! I try to incorporate as much as I can in my own life and hopefully you will love all of these things and looks and try to use them as well!

Talk to you Soon,


Monday, February 18, 2013

All That Glitters...

      A personal favourite touch to any room is the addition of metal accessories. I love anything metallic that shines! I know very mag pie the bird of me! But as we all know diamonds are a girls best friend! I love a good crystal door knob, brass cabriole leg, silver frame, or rose gold sequin accent. I find that a little bit of shine can really lighten a space up. Layering different metal finishes can add character to a room, whereas having to many scattered about can be confusing and chaotic. I have comprised a few of my fave shiny accessories, etc... below!

Although these may not go in one room together they are some great pieces to have in your space, some are low end and others high end! Either way you go your space will look great with some sparkle and shine!

Talk to you Later,


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Runway Meets Interiors

It is a new year and many things have come with it! Like a new job, you can now find me at Hope Designs were I am a staging assistant, although the position hasn't started just quite yet it is very exciting. Also this year brings new television shows, new recipes I have found and award season! The golden globes have come and gone the academy awards, grammies and oscars are to come. I love to see all the stars and what they are wearing. As we all know what we wear is a direct reflection of interiors and interior trends. So I decided that it is once again necessary to show some of my fave interior decor work from other designers and gorgeous runway and thrift find outfits.

The first it courtesy of Meredith Heron, you can find this particular project published in Style at Home Magazine. You can also see its reveal on her blog Sashay and her website. The image I included is just a little taste of the project, you can check out the rest here!

Image via Meredith Heron

To show you my fave outfit that works hand in hand with this interior I have taken to polyvore one of the greatest sites for fashion bloggers to create wonderful boards.

Image Via Moi/polyvore

I choose to create this mood board/set to resemble Meredith's interior for several reasons. I chose soft colours to compliment the drapery and to act as the draperies. The gold coco chanel earring not only helps to bring out the vintage elements of the vignette shown but also in the framed cherry blossom picture. I used the tory burch purse to balance out all the light pinks. The pattern of tory burch and the style of the coco chanel earring is similar to the feel of the room you get from just this one vignette.

Below is another set I completed on polyvore, it is created from the picture within the set. It is very bold and bright and although i created this set a while ago I feel it is still on trend today and will last the test of time with minor changes. Any thoughts post a comment!

Image Via moi/Polyvore

The colour palette is both neutral with a pop of colour, and traditional with a thick stripe. The louis chair will almost never go out of style as I find it a staple piece to any space when in a rut. It can easily be modernized with both new fabric and paint.

Love the sets let me know! Critical comments, or improvement suggestions? send them my way! Hope you all enjoy!

Thanks, Talk to you Later,




Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe wedge
$760 -

Tory burch