Saturday, December 3, 2011

All That is Gold!

This thanksgiving I decided to go all out with the table decor - as the decor guru it is my responsibility to! (side note - decor guru, thoughts - i threw it out there last post, i have been thinking of a sign off name for the blog here , you all know my twitter is chic innovative which is what my blog is but i feel like i need an actual sign off... thoughts)
My colour palette - brown, gold and green!

I started with a centre piece idea - different types of jars, sizes and shapes to create an eclectic but chic look, then i filled them with scented pine cones. The pine cones represent the fall season, and can be used for christmas decor by painting the tips white to look like snow or adding glitter to the tips to look like snow. I then brought in the brown as the table cloth colour as well, having a big family with lots of kids means a huge mess so lighter colours aren't always the best idea! I then went with a gold charger plate and used thick green ribbon to tie together the party favour- plate decor. I baked thirty dozen cookies for table decor and dessert! I stacked 3 cookies and tied them together with a ribbon and attached a tag with each guest name! the flavours - cinnamon shortbread, cranberry shortbread, and chocolate shortbread with smarties - gotta have a kids dessert! Hopefully you all think it's nice - christmas soon to come!!!! (photography via me and my lovely mother)

Talk to you Soon - Decor Guru

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