Monday, November 25, 2013

Fave Colour Palette!

Although I had promised my DIY gallery wall as my next post I have something else for now! (I did finish off the wall and it looks phenomenal !)

I thought I would show you 2 things the first is a fireplace mantle vignette.

Image Via Moi

This fireplace is a custom fireplace I designed for a special client! My lovely mother! I chose to use a rougher stone for lots of texture. I also went with a stone that has a variety of colours which will allow for more variety in the colour  palette. 

I used all our excess artwork to create a mantle top vignette. They key to making it cohesive is artwork which have common colours. I used several warm tones similar to the stone hues. To ground everything I used a earth tone green on the walls. 

As it is a basement, and we had a limited budget, a drop ceiling was used. This also helps with enlarging the space as it is a light colour.

Image via moi

This is the second. This is my fave restaurant in Niagra Falls, Bravo. They have the most delicious Italian cuisine and a great decor. 

There is no lack of design within this space. Attention is paid to even the smallest details.

The textiles, upholstery, tiles/ stone, and wood finishes are amazing. They work together impeccably !

Image Via Moi

When I look at the decor within this space it definitely reminds me of my fireplace mantle vignette. These tones are one of my fave's to use within spaces. They have such character and depth when layered.

I hope you all love the decor and stay tuned for that gallery wall and some Christmas related posts to come!

Talk to you later,

Liberty xoxo

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