Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Runway Meets Interiors

It is a new year and many things have come with it! Like a new job, you can now find me at Hope Designs were I am a staging assistant, although the position hasn't started just quite yet it is very exciting. Also this year brings new television shows, new recipes I have found and award season! The golden globes have come and gone the academy awards, grammies and oscars are to come. I love to see all the stars and what they are wearing. As we all know what we wear is a direct reflection of interiors and interior trends. So I decided that it is once again necessary to show some of my fave interior decor work from other designers and gorgeous runway and thrift find outfits.

The first it courtesy of Meredith Heron, you can find this particular project published in Style at Home Magazine. You can also see its reveal on her blog Sashay and her website. The image I included is just a little taste of the project, you can check out the rest here!

Image via Meredith Heron

To show you my fave outfit that works hand in hand with this interior I have taken to polyvore one of the greatest sites for fashion bloggers to create wonderful boards.

Image Via Moi/polyvore

I choose to create this mood board/set to resemble Meredith's interior for several reasons. I chose soft colours to compliment the drapery and to act as the draperies. The gold coco chanel earring not only helps to bring out the vintage elements of the vignette shown but also in the framed cherry blossom picture. I used the tory burch purse to balance out all the light pinks. The pattern of tory burch and the style of the coco chanel earring is similar to the feel of the room you get from just this one vignette.

Below is another set I completed on polyvore, it is created from the picture within the set. It is very bold and bright and although i created this set a while ago I feel it is still on trend today and will last the test of time with minor changes. Any thoughts post a comment!

Image Via moi/Polyvore

The colour palette is both neutral with a pop of colour, and traditional with a thick stripe. The louis chair will almost never go out of style as I find it a staple piece to any space when in a rut. It can easily be modernized with both new fabric and paint.

Love the sets let me know! Critical comments, or improvement suggestions? send them my way! Hope you all enjoy!

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