Monday, February 18, 2013

All That Glitters...

      A personal favourite touch to any room is the addition of metal accessories. I love anything metallic that shines! I know very mag pie the bird of me! But as we all know diamonds are a girls best friend! I love a good crystal door knob, brass cabriole leg, silver frame, or rose gold sequin accent. I find that a little bit of shine can really lighten a space up. Layering different metal finishes can add character to a room, whereas having to many scattered about can be confusing and chaotic. I have comprised a few of my fave shiny accessories, etc... below!

Although these may not go in one room together they are some great pieces to have in your space, some are low end and others high end! Either way you go your space will look great with some sparkle and shine!

Talk to you Later,


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