Monday, June 25, 2012


So the long awaited photos of the 50th surprise party are here! Excuse the photographs if they aren't the best - sorry! Some background information the theme was originally to be purple as that is her favourite colour with charcoal grey and gold accents. Unfortunately seat covers for the chairs were not in the bit so the colour palette had to be tweaked to accommodate this. The chairs were a red burgundy with gold accents so I pulled out the gold and made that the main focus. I then incorporated a golden orange to accent the tone of the red burgundy. I also used a lot of cream to add dimension to the dark richer tones within the chairs. So here are the final pictures! All Via Moi!

All the desserts are home made except the two cakes, then i would have gone crazy making desserts and baking! Otherwise I made it all, I also made all the label tags that are in such great shapes! Hope you liked my ideas! and get some inspiration from it! Soon to come 2 room sets/event planning posts!

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