Thursday, June 14, 2012

Compositional Graphics

As I told you I have some graphic compositions in store, the first was done for my mother as the graphics are predesigned by her company I composed them with her title etc.. to create the following for her to use as her twitter picture, Facebook, other social media sites, business card, etc..

Image Via Moi &

I have also done a few other minor compositions of graphics which I will soon post as I am awaiting the final touches to be finished on them!

A few tips:

1 - when working with composition it is important that everything flows
2 - symmetry is important whether it be asymmetrical, radial, etc..
3 - have fun with it and also get a second set of eyes on it

I am sure there are many other tips to be given but essentially it is all about the principles and laments of design and how they effect what you are working on, but otherwise these are the tips and tricks I constantly try to follow that I find the most useful.

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