Monday, July 23, 2012

Backyard Bliss, fun in the sun!

Today I thought I would share a project that I completed in the sun! It is also a portfolio piece, it showcases my table top design skills as well as my styling abilities! Hope you enjoy it!

I started out knowing I was going to do it in my backyard. There for I already had a set colour palette. Blues and oranges, they are complimentary colours so I knew it would work out for the best!

Images Via Moi

All of this had a very beachy feel with a sense of chicness. Starfish are one of my favourite things and these glass dishes were just to die for! I though they were the cutest things ever! I really tried to incorporate the colours and have some accents too, I wanted a variety of textures as well. The tweed string played a great role and really reinforced the look i was trying to achieve! Overall it went very well although it was a hot day!

Keep checking in! soon enough I will post the pictures from my graduation pool party event that I styled, coordinated, planned, and baked for!

Talk to You Later,


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