Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glamorous & Graduating : Celebratory

The last little while has been so crazy. I know you are probably thinking this is what I say and what I tell you you every time I write you! Although it is true. I have been working on planning parties with tons of decor, reading many a books and magazines, as well as working and doing some room sets! Now although I am jittering with excitement I will save the room sets to a later post when I have more to show you! The surprise birthday post is on its way as i am waiting on the photographs, and finally I will share with you my current party planning extraordinary celebratory graduation bbq! As many of you know I am graduating this summer! I finished off my final projects in april and had a few design showings of my work which were so fun and fantastic! They were a great networking experience, they just went to show how important it is to attend design events. So I am now awaiting my convocation ceremony to happen towards the end of this month, and as it approaches I am continuing to plan my graduation bbq. Unfortunately it s just a family thing although I am looking forward to doing something with the girls. The theme : glam, chic pool party bbq! with hits of teal/turqouise/sea foam green and coral/raspberry. A bit vague with the colour combo but they are all in and around the same area, I think it will be coral and teal. Below is my invitation...

Image Via Moi

So this is the invite it was printed on regular white/cream card stock and was mounted on a teal card stock creating a boarder. I got the idea/inspiration from a bunch of other decor and party planning blogs. Here are some other inspiring images...

Image via

I love this arrangement, the vase is wonderfully chic and vintage with gorgeous flowers, that is a great flower arrangement! It is really the main inspiration for the party and I hope to be able to create great piece like that.

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I love this kids party because of the adorable tags in the cups cakes and the ribbon flags, another have is the zebra flower pot. I definitely want to do the ribbon flags as I do have some lying around pre cut and I would love to paint a pot like this! It would be fun for the pot to act as a dessert tray, it could have mud and worms inside, cookie crumb pudding and jelly worms!

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Another have of mine is the cute flag, although it is not a birthday it would be cute to have a phrase hanging above with some lace to give it a chic edge. I would also love to do the water bottle labels. I have done the extensive dessert table with the labels per plate and such and this time I want to do it but a bit different. I want to do cute ribbon flag tags of course and a nice banner! I would also love to....

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A cute rectangular jars with a great ribbon or paper ribbon filled with popcorn instead of candy with decorative paper cones inside to place your popcorn in. 

Those are my ideas/inspirations although I will be tweaking and adding and subtracting aspects and colours this is the general direction I am heading in. Hopefully I will have enough time that day to take a lot of good photos and be able to show you all the finished product! Cannot wait to show the finished product to you all; also to come this month a look at some of my graphic design - compositional work, hopefully the surprise birthday photos, the finished bb photos, and the new room sets/ portfolio pieces! Possibly the new layout of my portfolio and reworking my twitter, branding handle? - glossy chic, chic gloss , something like chic glossy decor/chic gloss decor??? thoughts , send them my way would love the input!! as a side note is it worth it to change will it be recognizable, does everyone already know me as chic innovative design, again your thoughts very important and vital to my final decision!

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