Friday, May 18, 2012

Chanel goes Versailles!

Although I have promised a post on other things, which will happen I could not resist to post about this:

Chanel recently had a fashion show for their upcoming line, and it was in France Versailles!

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This show was obviously in versailles held at a wonderful venue! It was the home of Marie Antoinette! and was were the movie was shot as well! So naturally the fashion, styles, and looks were all partially inspired by this time period!

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This is one of my favourite looks! I love the layering of the jewellery and the texture of the over coat! There make up is simple and reminiscent of a past time but their outfits modern and vicarious! There hair styles play between both of these playing on wonderful chalky and greyed colours!

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In every outfit the same glorious feeling is presented! From swim suits to off the shoulder dresses! In the above picture I just love the gold embellished necklace! I think of outfits as interiors in a way. The image with the layered jewellery and textured over coat remind me of heavily layered patterns in a space with key colours to link them whilst texture adds a bit of interest as does different surfaces such as the gold embellishments' of the above necklace!

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The dress to the right is my absolute favourite! I love the crispness of the white and the edginess the lovely blue pattern gives. The peek a boo effect is just to die for! I really love the feline touch added by the royal blue adornment. 

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Again we see the gorgeous gold and silver in the dress beside mixing different finishes to create a one of a kind look! The swim suit is one anyone would be lucky to wear! Where as the outfits to the right are those that are fit for a queen! Or maybe just Kate Middleton!

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I found this picture and thought how very similar to the past marie antoinette it is but classical like Chanel! The Chanel bags that are tied with ribbon add a touch of elegance to the sketch/ rendition. It is wonderful to see these chalky pastel colours with golds and silvers and other luxurious textiles. This is one of my favourite lines from them if not my fave! This is probably because i can see one of these outfits as an interior that I would love to live in!

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