Friday, May 4, 2012

Dress for Decor Perfection

It has been quite a while and a lot has gone on! To catch you all up the following has happened; wrapping up my final semester in the interior decorating program at humber college ( i am done school! forever, maybe!), the second was finish up my internship at the steven and chris show which was fantastic-as well as attend the season wrap party at steven and chris's penthouse!, additionally i have begun work on my portfolio again!, as well as a job search! With all this going on I had little time to blog as many of you have undeniably noticed! But now I have some time on my hands and there is no need to worry!

So now to begin were I left off , which was essentially catching you up with what has been going which I have done I can now continue to talk about design. I wanted to first take a look at how fashion influences design and decor. We all know that there is a direct correlation between the to and some even go as far to create spaces based on fashion straight off the runway. So lets take a look at a few examples below, why they work, what I like and what I would change and why.

The image above was featured in apartment theory blog, where they talked about the use of mustard within spaces. It was a great post and definitely something to check out! In the picture we can see the use of mustard in both her skirt and the headboard. As this is a picture it is hard to tell what type of fabric is used but ideally I would have used a velvet. This colour on the of the velvet and the shape of the headboard would have really enforced a victorian feel that we can see within the headboard. The neutral tones are wonderful and a favourite of mine.

The above picture although not related to fashion interiors is one of my favourites. The sea foam green, turquoise, and neutral white are some of my favourite colours. The texture adds a lot of interest and makes this piece wonderful. I would consider using these pieces as focal points on a wall, or accessories on a shelf, even an added visual feature atop a stack of books on a night table to create visual interest. This piece also relates quite well to the outfit below.

This outfit incorporates the colours as well as the same shapes of the accessory itself. The white framed sunglasses add to the likeness in colour.

With just a few simple pictures we can see how interiors and accessories take inspiration from fashion. A key example can be seen of european interior design and decor. 

Hopefully these above pictures inspire you to create beautiful works of art whether it be interiors, fashion, accessories, crafts, etc... Stay tuned for pictures of the latest event that I styled! ( a surprise 50th birthday party)!

Talk to You Soon,


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