Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IDS - trade show

The show was amazing it was so much fun i met so many new people!!! When I first walked in i was so overwhelmed by everything it was so much for my sernses to take in!! It was honestly amazing though I was so happy with it and being able to attend. The booth exhibitors were so helpful and so nice. It was really great to see them there and be able to talk to them and make connections especially for a student!
Some of my all time favourite booths were...

1.Sibling Rivalry...
I got to meet tommy, sarah richardson, the dressler brothers, everybody!!!! It was a blast to meet them all and so much fun to talk to them!!!
sarah was such a blast, so much fun to meet, and a really nice person to talk to, i really appreciated her and her knowledge as a student. Tommy was a blast as well the camera crew was filming the space so he was outside keeping us company while we waited such a fun person to talk to and so entertaining.
The dressler brothers were just amazing!! I met both of them and it was awesome. When I met the first brother he was very tall and it was just so stunning to have to hurt my neckl to look and have a conversation with him! Then I met the other brother who thank god was a bity shorter!!! He was telling me how he went to Humber as well which is so exciting to meet someone who has graduated from your school and who is so successful!!
2.Baroque Furntiure
This furniture was the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen before in your entire life, it was real leather and cow hide and just so amazing to see all the different materials used!!! It was another favourite of mine that was definetley one of the better moments of the show for me, mind you this was like the first ten minutes in lol!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly I dont think that anybody would ever expected ikea to have such a stunning booth!!! I look through the catalogues and love what they have and wish my kitchen and home looked like that but never would i have expected a mirror type of wall with a built in tv. It was such a dark choclatey brown and didnt have to much shine or luster to it, it was just an amazing space that I wish I could have in my own home!!!!
There was such a wonderful assortment of tiles, small ones, big ones, heated, the list goes on. They were all beautiful a good example is the italian cermaics company that was there they had such a range of sizes and colours extremley beautiful!!!
Another favourite was the auction they had going on, the beautiful chairs were amazing!!! It was every colour with a million different elements added to make each a unique chair!!! My all time favourite was the purple spray painted chair that had the words carved out of it! Wasb just a stunning piece that I wish I could have in my own home or room for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!
6.Andrew Richard Designs - Fine Outdoor Furniture
Was an amzing booth, the outdoor water fall and extrenley large sign was just amazing. The stuff they had was stunning, I will definetley look into their product lines when summer time rolls around!!! Add to my backyard!! It was honestly one of the best booths at the show by far!!! I cannot wait to get onto their site and check out there stuff and see what I can use for my own home and of course for my designs. It was a very inspiring booth that as unforgetable.

Those were just a few of my favourites and by the way they are not numbered in the order i like them best , they were all wonderful and my favourites!! Other key aspects of the show were....
-the shower head display that encorporated lotrs of colour - groke
-the actual shower they had with running
-the heart shaped mirror with a bicycle tire as frame
-the humber booth and the show cased items!!!
-reclaimed wood was everywere
-the brick wallpaper, it is a exposed brick that is possibly made out of plastic and it is like a wallpaper that you place on the walls!!! It was such a creative idea and I myself love exposed brick and would definetley consider using this in a space or one of my spaces!!!
-the pieces of art work
-the art work that was heated
-tsunami glass work was definetley amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-the woven elephants hanging from the ceiling
-style garage was amazing the stools made of coffee bean sacks, the beautiful pillows, and the snowmobile painting on the wall that matches the same style painting they actually have in their store which i visited later on that day!!!
-style at home an awesome magazine and beautiful design , very lively and full of colour!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats it the show in a nutshell lol, it was an amazing experience and was so much fun to see, i will definetley be going back next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for Now xoxo

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