Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Very First

Finally the moment I have been waiting for the launch of my new blog! Although their are a few kinks like adding my contact buttons which dont want to be added!!!

Contact info:

liberty visco
twitter: liberty @chichinnovative
and now my blog...
there is my contact info for the time being until it is up and running!!!
I am an interior decorating student this is my second semester and it is very exciting and time consuming!! I cannot wait to get into my field and am always looking for something to get my feet wet!!
It was a hard decision for me to choose between design and decorating but i did, i will tell you all about that decision in posts to come!!! Anyways I am excited to have a blog and will defintley be posting things that inspire me, things i like, whas going on with school, because the projects are always interesting!!

Bye for now xoxo

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