Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come up to my room and See

Come up to my room and see was at the gladstone hotel one of the oldest and most historic hotels in the city of toronto. So the day of the gladstone was a busy one!!!! I started off at the IDS then took a subway for the first to a restaurant for lunch and then walked 1.6 MILES which is 2 KILOMETERS to the gladstone hotel!!! But I have to say it was well worth it!!  I saw amazing things!!!
-A room made out of thread hanging from the ceiling!!!
-another room that was an actual artist/designers room and the whole idea was that they ate and then put the table on a spinner as they were finishing up and stuff was brokenm and knocked down and it was just an so awesome a really weird and creepy idea but cool!!!
-there was a room made out of wood
-a room with glass hanging
- there was a lamp by the dressler brothers!!!!!!!!!!! in the hallway was an aesome lamp and a good use of wood definetley loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- the hallway at the top of the stairs where all the rooms were located was fantastic there was a lights display and there was a collection of art pieces that were inspired by dollar store items, there was a moose that was mad out of canada stickers, a toy solider piece of art they were all painted and a hand shoing peace was in a different colour and the final piece was made out of plastic tyes in weird and wacky designs

It was an amzing thing to see, it was very cool , it was different than what i expected though i thought it would be rooms designed in cool ways but some were just art pieces designed in the rooms although it was still amazing and i am definetley not complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall it was a great experience and worth it I would recommend you check it out the next time the opportunity presents itself!!!!!!!!!!

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