Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Trends - Top Picks

There are a few favorites for 2011 that I am dying to share with you...
and by the way these trends are via style at home magazine.. the senior editor of design shared them with me and my fellow classmates this past week or two...

the use of colour... now that is kind of a trend because of the way the colours are used but none the less the use of colour.
Pinks, and corals very big and beautiful. The use of grey.. designers are now picking greys and styling on top of the greys! Navy blue is the new black!! and my opinion is that is a gorgeous colour I am a fan of black and to see navy blue take its place is wonderful cause it gives a pop of colour but still the classic darkness. Other vibrant colours are big as well.
Another trend is the use of grey as mentioned above !!! Creating as room out of grey ex. a grey couch styled!
Also their is industrial CHIC (my name) where Victorian style and industrial style meets very trendy.
Another good one is the use of accessories mainly pillows, pillows are big now and are coming back as accessories. When you think about it you can have the drabbest room and spice it up with colour in your pillows an essential tool to any well styled and designed space!! Accessories what a joy! Love em!!!!

Anyways those were my top picks for trends, hope you enjoyed them, comment back and post your fave trends for me to see!!!!!!!!!

Bye For Now XoXo

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