Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Design for the Exterior

As many of us know Canada's weather can be a drag! But when the warm weather rolls around it is pure bliss! When the warm returns many like to spend as much time as possible outdoors and very little inside. Personally I am an inside person but I have my outdoor days! As an indoor person I know what draws me to the indoors rather than outside. The comfort of my home, my bed, my soft couch, my tv, and of course air conditioning. Recently I have come to realize that you can have all of this outdoors as well! Being able to spend time outdoors needs to be made comfortable! This is where I cue a favourite brand of mine. Andrew Richard Designs is a company that produces fine outdoor furniture. They produce amazing quality pieces that are durable and beautiful. But most of all they design their furniture for a lifestyle and for actual people that want and need comfort and beautiful designs. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and his assistant Kate both were sincere and were making and representing a wonderful product. As well the furniture the company produces is furniture that is made to create an indoor experience outdoors! Just take a look...

The furniture that is used is stunningly gorgeous. It is clear that the indoors is brought outdoors. Not only that but we can also see that the space is designed for a lifestyle, for someone to live and work and play, to enjoy themselves. An outdoor space is more than a backyard or a place for your dog to pee! It is a sanctuary, it is part of your home and needs to be as liveable and as comfortable as the interior. In order to enjoy your backyard you must create a place to relax, with more than just plastic lawn chairs. 

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