Friday, May 27, 2011

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I have now finally been able to get back onto my blog! It has been crazy since my last post. My internet was down, my blog wasnt working correctly, and I am very busy! But I am back! To let you in on what I have been doing lately, I have been writing another blog, it is thius site helps potential clients to find decorators, it can also be used to find plumbers, etc... The company owner has asked me to write him pieces regarding trends, design, really anything I like pertaining to design so I woukld love to share with you all the topics I have written about!

Topic Number 1 - Why do we need a decorator?!

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take a look and see if you agree!

Topic Number 2 - Outdoor Furniture and why we need it!
I thought to myself when writing this article the exterior of the home is as important as the interior!

One of my favourite outdoor furniture providors as mentioned previously in another post is...

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They have fantastic furniture that is very durable! Check out my previous post for info on his product!

Here is a peak at my exterior furniture post..

The interior of a house is an important aspect when building a home, another important part of a home is your outdoor space. Whether it is a balcony to an apartment, acres of land on a farm, or a suburban backyard all are home. These outdoor spaces need to be as comfortable as our interiors. A lifestyle and decorating style not only need to be created for our living spaces but for our backyards as well. Outdoor furniture has taken a new step forward and now is not only dining tables. They provide a lifestyle and a space for living.......

or look at the full post at

Topic Number 3 - Colour Palette

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Take a look ...Spring has arrived but has brought little to no warmth with it. Although you can change the dreary day outside to bright and full of light. This can be done by choosing a spring/summer colour palette for all your decorating needs....for full version go to

Topic Number 4 and Unreleased - summer 2011 trends

Here is a clue as to one trend I am talking about..

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Thats right bold colours and pattern!
Take a look at for the upcoming post!

Hope you enjoyed and I will see you next time to talk about some yummy recipes I have cooked up, with plain old stuff you can find in your pantry. Because food is also design!

Bye For Now

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