Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Bar Cart Essential!

As an avid decorator planning events goes hand in hand. I am always happy to throw a party or organize an event. It is something that I love to do! With the holiday season arriving entertaining is a must as people will always drop in and parties will always take place. This christmas season I have decided to focus my efforts on making entertaining being pulled off seamlessly. Last year I did tags and gift wrap and a large assortment of all kinds of things. All of those things are important but this year I am focusing on the experience guests will have. To be even more specific I have decided to focus on a staple that every host needs to have. Refreshments! Although some parties congregate in the kitchen while others in the dining or living area it is always important to be able to transition easily. I find the best way to do so is with a bar cart or refreshment cart if alcohol is not your thing. Although as the holidays are coming up quickly a new bar cart may not be in your budget. In this case i have come up with a way to create the same idea. You can easily clear off a shelf at counter level and transform it into a bar. Or you can re purpose an old side table by adding wheels which can be found inexpensively at any hardware store. By placing things on trays it makes it easier to transfer to a different space. a side table can also be used. Below you will find my rendition of what a bar cart should consist of and how it becomes functional in each space.

Image via design sponge

These are some great carts with and without wheels, some of my other faves can be found below, I like a bit of sparkle with silver and gold carts as opposed to wooden ones.

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image Via / restoration hardware

I have created my own bar cart rendition in my own home. I used a shelf as a cart stand in to show how easy it can be on a small budget. I used simple greenery sprigs with a few holiday touches to keep it simple. As well as traditional decanters and a tray for transportation reasons. This makes it easier to transition from space to space. I also used a vintage glass to add an extra something to the vignette. It is easy to create this look for under a hundred dollars by using thrift store finds, which will add a vintage touch. I hope you enjoy the cart and the ideas and it makes life a little easier for you this holiday season.

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