Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet & Greet w/ Trick or Treaters!

As we all know Halloween is just around the corner! It is one of my favourite holidays of the year, as is christmas which is also really soon too! For this halloween I decided on a few treats for you lovely readers. The first is a styled front table with delicious treats to meet your trick or treaters! The second is a different take on the traditional carved pumpkin. The third is the floral arrangement, treats, and a DIY kids halloween game! So lets dive right in!

Carving a pumpkin is such a traditional halloween activity that I could not resist! So I carved one small/ mini pumpkin and I paint my other. This is a great DIY activity for kids that is less mess. They can paint a halloween scene or a funny face and all with paint. As for me i painted on a zig zag pattern, I allowed the cracks to remain uncovered to break up the black a bit. You can also add black glitter to the paint for a bit of sparkle and shine! I used Scoth Blue Tape to ensure clean lines and precise painting!

Images Via Moi!

I created an entrance setting to welcome the trick or treaters with treats. I started with candle sticks, one with a carmel corn treat, a different spin on the use of a candle stick, I also used organic decor as well. I then put to use my pumpkin inside as well as black and white 1960's books. I tried to create a small scene that represents halloween with a chic undertone.

Images Via Moi

I also used a rubber stamp of a pumpkin to create playing cards, this is an easy activity to kids to complete. They can create the cards and then play games with them such as Go Fish. They were easy to create. The floral arrangement is from hilltop flowers, we created it together. It is easy to create fall/halloween pieces, flowers always add that extra touch! And it is nice to have them around when they are fresh!

Throughout putting together this idea I thought about what would be interesting. I thought that a meet and greet with the trick or treaters was a cute idea, I tried to achieve a spooky chic theme. I used a lot of black and white as well as beiges and browns to soften it up. I used the pop of orange in the traditional pumpkin and the purple to contrast. Hopefully this will inspire you all to create a welcoming halloween entrance to welcome your trick or treaters into!

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