Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Venture

As a design student school has let out for the summer! But fortunately for me the design wheels are still turning! I work alongside a designer for a few days a week and try to volunteer as I can! All the while I am working on my portfolio, I figure artwork and sculptures can only get you so far so I took on my very first design project, well second!(I have been working on my bedroom but since the budget can be found in my pocket I am taking it slow!) None the less I decided to take the project of my tv room/living/den/whatever you want to call it. Although my house is newly renovated- I was a large part in all design decisions, including getting rid of a wall! Anyways my house had just been renovated, with this renovation came a new built in fireplace book shelf, a new fireplace, new hardwood floors. new tile floors, a fresh coat of paint, new windows, and new window treatments! wow that was alolt to say in one breath! With all this - tearing out cabinetry,walls, just about everything on the main floor, there was nothing left for an accessory budget! So as weeks went on a collection began, one that was ecletic but for the most part my parents style. So I decided that the least each room could use was spot decorating/being amped up! Here is the before of the dreadful corner...

Image via Moi!

As you can see the built in could use some styling and the corner has a lot more potential. I entertained several ideas sculptures or statues, boxes, and trunks, finally I found the perfect piece-a beautifully upholstered chair! There were a few to choose from, One was a gorgeous mauve, a turqouise floral, a sheek cow hide. I wanted a print that wasn't to femine but not to masculine, one that matched the room well. Once I decided on the biggest and most expensive piece I moved onto styling the space and accessorizing. The total for the corner was $500! I know it is a lot, some of the stuff could have easily been found at garage sale, antique show, I was very excited and not exactly looking for a bargain! Take a look below...

Image via Photographer,Bianca Ragogna - Contact info can be provided upon request

It was a very big transformation for such a small corner and a big difference - my parents loved it so much they decided they wanted it all but for a lower price - my baragain hunt began for similar but cheaper pieces! It wasnt easy but I managed to re create the space for less than half the original price! (less than 250$) It was a big project for me as my first/second! It was worth all the time and every penny! Stay tuned for future mini redecorations and vignettes of the space above - let me know how I did, share your thoughts on my first project!

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