Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summertime Sadness

Although it is a very exciting time when summer rolls around it also sad for many of us when we realize we are NOT bikini ready.
thus I have put together some images of wonderful one piece bating suits that will ensure we look our best. After all fashion does inspire interiors!

Image via

This bathing suit is very traditional in its colours and style as well. The blue and white with the separation of the belt is very similar to what someone would wear everyday to work. It also emulates the colours of a traditional light house inspired cottage.

image via Victoria Secret

This bathing suit I would say encapsulates my style in fashion and interiors. The dark seductive colour paired with mixed metals in the straps and her accessories suggest classic elegance with a touch of a vintage feel. I like to mix different medias in unexpected ways to layer lots of texture, much like the effect her bathing suit gives off. It also reminds me of one of my favourite time time in history, the roaring 20's - Great Gatsby Esq!

This bathing suit for me is very retro chic. It reminds me of shabby chic as well. This could easily set the tone for living space.

image via

This image reminds me of images of hotels in france and italy. The architecture of the building is echoed in the style of her bathing suit, accessories, and well defined hairstyle.

image via Victoria Secret

This whole image for me is a mood board waiting to happen for a very laid back cottage. Imagine the white linen couches, sandy beige woven carpets, and blue sea accessories!

I would like to add that not only are the one pieces above stunning but so are photo shoot sets! 

As we can see our choice in fashion has a direct effect on our decor choices and vice versa. I hope you all loved my last minute bathing suit ideas and interior decor thoughts!

Talk to you later!

Liberty xoxo

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